How a Bedtime Saved My Life

After months of always being tired and lacking energy I think I’ve finally found a solution, a bedtime. It’s really funny honestly, I used to hate having a bedtime when I was younger but, having a set for me to get a good 6-8 hours of sleep has helped my energy levels and has increased my productivity and creativity. My phone makes it super easy too. 

You can go into the clock app and the bedtime tab lets you preset when you need to wake up and then the tool can help you figure out how early you should go to bed to get how much sleep you want or need, plus it sets the alarms for you. The only downside is that during the semester if your schedule changes what time you wake up from day to day you can’t set that.

Making the bedtime work for you, however, also means you have to take the time to plan ahead to be ready in the morning. I have to pack my lunch, iron my clothes, and make sure I’m ready to go in the morning so that I can move swiftly the next morning and sleep longer.

Sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep or you get distracted by YouTube videos but if you do your best to be consistent, the bedtime is definitely worth it.

What time do you usually go to bed and wake up? Let me know in the comments!

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