13 Reasons Why Feminism is Important 

Let’s talk about feminism. According to Merriam-Webster feminism is both the theory of the political, economic, & social equality of the sexes and organized activity on behalf of women’s rights & interests. Some argue feminism is unnecessary & feminists are bitter, lonely women with nothing better to do. To that I say, welcome to your tape misogynist: here’s 13 reasons why feminism (the intersectional kind) is still relevant.

1. Because men still want to tell women what to do with their reproductive organs  

It’s not your business.

2. Because y’all still think a man controlling you is a sign he loves you

He’s not your dad sis, run.

3. Because you all still haven’t stopped being rapey AF

I just don’t get what you don’t understand about consent, it’s simple.

4. You all still uphold misogynoir every single day 

Your colorist jokes & your mythological evolving white girls aren’t cute.

5. Because the wage gap is ugly

6. Because you’re still supporting Chris Brown

He got on Instagram and threatened to kill Karrueche and you still give him money, you still defend him.

7. Because adults are still sexualizing minors with their dress codes 

8. You all still think catcalling is flattering 

Being yelled at on the street isn’t wanted & it’s actually scary. Especially since women die because men feel entitled to women’s time, attention, and bodies.

9. Little girls already begin to  feel the affects of misogyny as early as age 6

10. You’re still transphobic and it’s 2017

Repeat after me, HER name is CAITLYN and GENDER is a social construct NOT biological.

11. You all let Jameis Winston tell little girls they’re supposed to be quiet. 

12. You think women saying men are trash is a personal attack on you

I don’t get how so many of you can understand that white people has certain privileges but don’t understand that men are also privileged and are socialized to behave a certain way. It’s a societal standard and if you’re offended you’re probably a part of the problem.

13. Because women are amazing and deserve to be treated right in this world and we’re going to keep fighting until everyone’s not so trash

PS: Intersectional feminism, not the white washed garbage some celebrities like to throw in our faces.

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