Lazy Girls Summer Style Guide 2017

Having a full time internship has definitely made me want to look cute on my off days, but it has not quelled any of my lazy tendencies, I hate how much working looking cute takes sometimes. So here’s my style guide for this summer ’17:

My go to outfit: A basic top and high waisted shorts

It’s really simple and can sometimes give me an old school vibe. It also keeps my problem areas well hidden, which is a great bonus. I still think it looks cute even though it’s literally not anything.

Top 1: Forever 21

Top 2: Forever 21 (clearance)

Top 3: Forever 21

Bottoms: I made

My go to shoes: White converse

They go with anything. I don’t know what else to say!


My go to colors: Red & yellow!

Summer 2017 is all about flaunting your melanin and I love these colors on my skin. I’ve just started forcing myself to wear colors and I’m always drawn to these two colors when I’m in the store.

Top: Forever 21 (similar)

My favorite trend: off the shoulder anything!

I absolutely love it. It’s so simple to look cute without having to do anything, which is essential for me! I copped the one above at the Dillard’s New Years Day Sale.

A similar top

What are your style must haves this summer? Let me know in the comments!

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