Why Resfest may just be the best thing to participate in your freshman year

1. You get to make new friends

You might not be best friends with your resfest team but you definitely build a family. You’ll fight and be frustrated with them but you’ll laugh with them too. They’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses and you’ll learn theirs. You’ll be up all hours of the night fixing a part of your performance until the point where it just turns into a ton of jokes.

2. You make a lot of memories


From garbage choreography you and your team threw together because you forgot they asked you to bring something for practice to something your coaches said that honestly made no sense you’re going to make memories. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work and sometimes the nights will be long but what you get out of it makes it so worth it.

3. Competition day is honestly really fun once you get past the nerves.


You get to get cute, wear your costume and watch what everyone else has been working so hard for. You might be terrified but after it’s over you feel so fulfilled and like you gave it your all, and being able to share that with teammates is fantastic.

4. Dorm rivalries are HILARIOUS despite how trivial they are.

People at Howard take this Resfest thing seriously, very seriously. But, the arguments are comedy gold.

5. You could coach the next year. 


I know, it doesn’t sound that fun but it really is. You grow to love the team you’re coaching even when they make you want to pull your hair out.

6. If you perform for CHN you might just get a tasty surprise at the end. 

pizza gif.gif

Pizza. You get Pizza.

Whether it’s stroll, dance, or step and Quad, CHN, Drew or whatever other freshman dorm being on a resfest performance team is probably one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever have as a freshman at Howard. My freshman dance experience definitely helped with my confidence and just being able to dance and meet new people is fun enough.

What dorm are you staying in next fall? Let me know in the comments!

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