Syd’s Favorite TV Shows 


Gossip Girl: This show is everything. I can watch it over & over again. The ending is highkey stupid but towards the end most of the plots were. However, Blair Waldorf is a television icon.

Favorite character: Blair Waldorf
Least favorite character: Jenny Humphrey

Best moment: Blair & Chuck’s wedding, an iconic fictional couple.


 The Get Down: My roommate threatened to kick me out when this comes back in April. A Netflix series. I watched the whole 1st part in one night then proceeded to do the same with the 2nd part. This cast is so talented. Plus, Shameik Moore, what more do I really have to say.

Favorite character: Zeke aka Books

Least favorite character: Pastor Ramon Cruz, Mylene’s father

Best moment: Mylene’s performance for Jackie in the church (I don’t want to spoil part 2).


Hit the Floor: I love dance, drama, & black love so this show is perfect for me. The performances at the end are sometimes the best part, however I can’t watch some episodes of That’s So Raven the same anymore, thanks a lot German. It’s not officially cancelled yet so VH1 should just go ahead and renew it.

Favorite character: Jelana Howard

Least Favorite: German Vega

Best moment: That time Derek told Ahsha he gave up drugs for her, they were and are a great couple honestly.


Zoey 101: I want someone to love me like Chase loves Zoey.

Favorite character: Chase

Least favorite character: I don’t think you can dislike anyone from this show.

Best moment: Chase transferred to London for Zoey but she returned to PCA.


The Suite Life of Zach & Cody: An iconic program that deserves more respect. This entire cast was hilarious & had some classic episodes. Disney Channel was pure quality growing up.

Favorite character: Mr. Moseby

Least favorite character: Miriam

Best moment: When no one thought Maddie looked like Sharpay, classic.


Bob’s Burgers: This show is extremely entertaining, get with the winning team.

Favorite character: Louise

Least favorite character: Teddy

Best moment: Any scene with Jimmy Jr is a scene I want to see


The Boondocks: Deserves new seasons because a season on the past two years is what my soul needs.

Favorite character: Huey Freeman

Least favorite character: Sarah Dubois

Best moment: Tom performing ‘Let it Burn’


Dance Moms: A reality show that deserves more respect. The early seasons over the new stuff.

Favorite cast member: Chloe Lukasiak

Least favorite cast member: Abby Lee Miller

Best moment: When Chloe won the national title.


Proud Family: Destiny’s Child & Solange sing the theme song, enough said.

Favorite character: Penny Proud

Least favorite character: The Chang Triplets

Best moment: When everyone found out Lacienaga had big feet.


A Different World: My mom put this show in my life when I was 7. It’s been my favorite ever since. From the students to the situations the show is so relatable and well written it will never go out of style. Someone put this back on Netflix.

Favorite character: Whitley Gilbert-Wayne

Least favorite character: Freddie Brooks

Best moment: Dwayne interrupting Byron’s wedding might be a top five TV moment.
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