True Life: I Am Addicted to Twitter

I have what some people would call a Twitter addiction. I tweet way too much all day every day, I will admit it, BUT Twitter is the best way to have any clue about what is happening on and around my college campus. Twitter is everything to me, it’s my comedy, my news source, and my outlet but more than anything Twitter is the only place where I don’t just blend in. People actually think I am funny and witty and cool when they read my  Twitter (unfortunately I have yet to relay that coolness into my real life persona). Because of this I decided to see just how bad it would be if I deleted Twitter for 5 days.

My week without Twitter:

I decided to try this week because I honestly think sometimes I have a problem, but these past 5 days that my “obsession” isn’t actually as bad as I thought it was. The worst part of it was being so out of the loop, I check Twitter moments constantly for news and without that I felt like I was missing out. For example, I didn’t hear about the Kendall Jenner-Pepsi ad drama until my friend came into my room talking about it. I think that Twitter tends to be more up to date on current events than other social media platforms, and provides me with my intellectual & interesting conversation about these events than sites like Instagram & Facebook. I wasn’t completely out of the loop because I am subscribed to a service that emails current events to me each morning, but sometimes that means the events just aren’t as current. I did find myself watching people’s snapchat stories more often, probably because I needed something to do sometimes. I don’t think the fast improved my school work or my time management much, possibly because I focus on that a lot even when I had Twitter on my phone. All in all, I don’t think I’ll be deactivating twitter any time soon but I’m glad to know I’m not as addicted as I thought I was.

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