Syd’s Favorite Movies 

Here’s 16 of my favorite movies ranked:


The Halloweentown Franchise: One of the greatest series in Disney Channel history. No Halloween movie will be on this franchise’s level. Even the last one was great even though the recast was extremely disrespectful. RIP Debbie Reynolds 

Personal question: Was I the only one disappointed my grandmother didn’t take me to Halloweentown at 13? Just me? Okay.


City of God: Benny deserved better, I have nothing more to say on this.


Love & Basketball: I love Sanaa Lathan. This movie has iconic scenes all throughout. This movie frustrates me but I still watch it all the time. 

Hot take: She needed friends because why would you ever play basketball for that man’s heart


The Princess & the Frog: A black Disney princess who wanted to own a restaurant. My girl had ambition. The music in this movie is golden. Princess Tiana deserves the world, your favorite Disney princess could never be on her level. 

Favorite song: Almost There


10 Things I Hate About You: Heath Ledger existing, Heath Ledger singing in the bleachers, anything Heath Ledger touches turns to quality cinema. This movie is fantastic, the TV show reboot was not. Go watch it now. This is probably the only movie where I can’t stand Gabrielle Union’s character. Bianca doesn’t deserve Cameron. 

Random thought: Do I like this movie because it’s good or because Heath Ledger is in it? Who cares. 


The Clique: I read all the books and wanted their closets. When I look back these girls were super mean but the movie is so good they literally brought the characters to life how I imagined them. I’ll never forgive Tyra Banks for not making more of the books into movies.

Iconic quote: “This is a conversation between the taco & the burrito NACHO” -Massie Block



ATL: I can quote entire chunks of this movie. I love it so much. Everything about this movie is honestly hilarious. I was promised a sequel where is it? 

Iconic scene: Rashad snatching NewNew’s necklace. 


Lilo & Stitch: “Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind.” This movie is so perfect & literally translates to lost & found. I love how the outsider never assimilates to find happiness, she finds someone who compliments and accepts her weirdness. Also, this movie opened the door for that sandwich game on Disney Channel’s website & for that I am eternally grateful.

Iconic scene: Lilo fighting the girl in hula class, she was fed up with the incessant bullying. 


The Wood: I love this movie, it’s just so good. It’s super entertaining. Everyone should see this. If you haven’t, collect yourself. 

Unpopular opinion: Stacey was the true star of this movie. 


The Entire Twilight Franchise: I read all the books. These movies are highkey garbage but there’s something about them that I love. Could watch them all day honestly. 

What team are you: I used to live & breathe Team Jacob. 


Hidden Figures: Black women doing what they do best, being excellent. This movie is so well done, so well acted, I honestly don’t think I have a single complaint. If you haven’t seen it get your life together & watch it.

Fun fact: Has officially out-grossed the latest Star Trek, X-Men, & Bourne movies. Black women are magical and should be depicted as such.


Get Out: A masterpiece. I usually hate thrillers & horror but this movie is done so artfully. Ever detail of this movie is done so intentionally it’s almost scary. If you don’t like this movie you probably are apart of the problem. Jordan Peele is a genius. 

Spoiler alert: I’m sick that the mom controls them with the literal symbol of privilege, a silver spoon. 


Monster’s Inc: This has been one of my favorite movies since I was little. The concept is just so cute and the characters are unforgettable. Monster’s University is also quality but this movie is a work of art. 

Personal note: “Put that Thing Back Where it Came from or So Help Me” is better than your fave’s entire discography.


Seventeen Again: No, not you Zac Efron. The Mowry twins win this round with a movie about some science soap that changes DNA? I don’t get it but hey that’s why I’m not a STEM major right? 

Fun fact: I think I’m in love with the young grandpa, just look at him. 


Clueless: Between Britney Murphy & an unproblematic Stacey Dash this movie is a work of art. I honestly think I might love this movie because of Cher’s computerized closet & I get to hear Britney Murphy sing rolling with the homies. 

Side note: Why did she have to love her stepbrother? Gross. 


The Princess Diaries Franchise: These two movies are so good I couldn’t just pick one. Not only is Julie Andrews perfect in every possible way, this movie taught me that a “a queen is never late everyone else is simply early,” a philosophy I live by to this day. Watching Mia’s transition from shy and insecure to confident and eloquent in the first film is beautiful, but seeing Princess, now Queen, Mia take over the Genovian throne without a husband at the end of the second film was just downright inspirational. Plus watching Mary Poppins mattress surf was iconic. 

Fun fact: I know the Genovian National Anthem better than the Star Spangled Banner. 

What are your favorite movies? Let me know in the comments. 

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