My President was Black

The other night I watched President Barack Obama give his Farewell Address to the American people. As he spoke I realized that although I had reason to thank the 45th POTUS I also had reason to thank those who worked along side him these past few years as well.

To Barack Obama: Thank you, for not only being the flyest president of all time, but for being calm and kind to everyone even when many on Capitol Hill did not show you that same respect. You are articulate, intelligent, caring, and served some of the best dad jokes in history. Thank you for being an inspiration and hero to a little 6th grader in Florida. Watching a black man run the free world was life changing.

To Sasha and Malia: Thanks for bringing style & grace to the White House. I’m not even going to lie, Sasha is the reason I went out and bought a denim skirt. Having two black girls my age serve looks for the past few years has just been plain fun. None of us know much about either of you except that you seem fun & carefree. Carefree black girls always deserve a thank you.

To Michelle: This is honestly the most important thank you of all. Thank you for showing the world what grace, beauty and intelligence looks like. You’re honestly the most underrated person on the planet. I’m even going to thank you for taking away my hot fries and ice cream bars in middle school. Thank you for presenting Black Girl Magic on the world stage. Thank you for your eloquence. You are a queen. You’ve danced, you’ve shopped at CVS, and you’ve slayed in designer gowns. You’re the most educated First Lady in history, your melanin is popping, and I just want to thank you for being a huge example of what kind of woman I can become.

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