Blueprint: Howard University Homecoming 2016

If you know me at all I didn’t have the best homecoming experience my freshman year. Homecoming 2016 is a very, very different tale. I kicked it off on Thursday with the fashion show. I honestly was lazy all week just so I could go all out for the weekend. It was amazing. The models, the clothes, the audience, everything Howard does is done with amazing artistry and thought. Honestly the fashion show was just another reminder that I’m a part of one of the most talented, beautiful, creative student bodies of all time.

I knew Friday would be incredible. Not only was one of my favorite people from freshman year coming to visit but it was the day of the infamous Yardfest. You know that little thing Drake showed up to in 2012. This was the first real Yardfest since I 2013 (I think) and I. was. excited. A free concert on the yard? I think yes. So this year when I heard Yardfest was honestly and truly back I thought I was ready. However, nothing could prepare me for me for Friday, October 21st. Let me explain. I knew there were performers and that it would be crowded, I’d been to Spelhouse homecoming with my parents plenty of times before, but what I experienced on the Yard that day was something completely different. The vibes, the joy of the students (and alumni), the music, just everything about being up there was amazing. Even though it was raining everyone was having fun. The show started off with Diddy’s sons performing and I got to the festivities at the end of Faith Evan’s set. Next up was Common then a surprise guest WillThaRapper. But things got real when Lil Uzi was introduced. As Uzi performed the sky even cleared up, because even God wanted me to have a great weekend. After Uzi’s performance it was Fabolous’s and he brought Wale with him. My day wasn’t over when Yardfest ended because it was time to change for the step show.



Saturday I woke up slightly (extremely) exhausted. I thought I was ready for homecoming but clearly I was not. However, I had to get it together because I had a tailgate to get to. After a lot of waiting around and missing meeting the likes of Debbie Allen, Keri Hilson, Terrance J, and probably many many more I went to the tailgate for a while with my girls.

I ended my 2016 homecoming with the group’s tradition of IHOP then went to chapel with my wonderful roommate the next day.
So all in all thanks to Blueprint for an amazing experience, thanks to my friends for keeping the party going, and thank you to God for allowing me to experience a true homecoming at the Mecca.

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