My First Year at Howard University 

A couple of months ago I told you all how hard it was for me to make friends my entire life and I guess you could call this post an update of some sorts. My freshman year of college never scared me academically. The workload was bearable. Did I slip up occasionally? Of course, no one is perfect. But my true fear was making friends. My personality is very interesting, I’m goofy, I’m awkward, and I guess you could call me a little mean which made me absolutely terrified to make new friends. I thought everyone would hate me. The beginning definitely was rough, I was too nervous to speak first so I’d never say anything to anyone and I ended up largely alone. The turning point was when I met Sasha and she brought along Mel who introduced me to Nyiah and the chain grew and grew until I had Tera, Chelsi, Sireice, Yahna and Rachel as well. We do homework together, eat together, shop together, laugh together, and we definitely party together. The squad continued to grow and grow and grow and we’ve definitely made amazing memories. This year has proven that Howard University was definitely the place for me. I can be as goofy, quirky, and nerdy as I want and always feel right at home. If you wanna see for yourself watch the video.

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