Get In Formation and Drink Lemonade


So if you haven’t heard, Beyoncé broke the internet yet again. This time with a provocative and vulnerable concept film and album, both titled Lemonade. The album explores Black womanhood, Black love, and Black power. The concept of Lemonade plays off the idea that Black women constantly are dealt the lemons of life but continuously make lemonade out of the situation.  The Queen Bey designates her different stages of her exploration within herself through the album’s various songs. Here are my humble unwarranted opinions on the visual album from a fan.

Pray You Catch Me 

“Pray You Catch Me” opens both the film and the album. Bey titles this portion Intuition. Bey is introducing her suspicion that the man she loves is not faithful to her. The track is vulnerable, it definitely sets the tone for the rest of the tracks.

Hold Up

Track 2 on the album, “Hold Up,” quickly became one of my favorites. Part of Bey’s Denial stage, the film shows images of the Queen giddily skipping down the streets while taking a bat (appropriately named Hot Sauce) to cars, windows, and even a surveillance camera. In the track Bey is telling the man she loves that no one will love him as much as she does. The track is upbeat and is a pleasant calm-angry track, definitely a track to remember.

Side note: This song gives Soulja Boy a writing credit on the album, respect Soulja ya’ll

Don’t Hurt Yourself

The anger portion of last night’s premiere was definitely the biggest jaw dropper of the evening. In just one song Bey tells us to stop putting her on a pedestal with God by flashing “God is God I am not” across our screens, but also throws her wedding ring, includes a Malcolm X audio clip, and tells her man that he has a God complex (Hov) and that if he plays with her again he’ll lose his wife. All while in a two piece gray look that I need to cop and a fur coat that probably costs more than my first year at Howard.

Side note: Bey reclaims the rock genre that was created by a Black woman and appropriated by White people. (WE SEE YOU BEY)


Another one of my favorite tracks, in the Apathy portion of our evening, Sorry features tennis champ Serena Williams. Before Bey even begins the tracks she tells us “ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks,” and then launches into yet another bop. She sings to us about some lame apologies and how much she doesn’t care about the apologies or the tears because she truly is fed up and over it. The track ends with one of my favorite lines on the album “He better call Becky with the good hair” (Hey Rachel Roy?)

6 Inch

“6 Inch” is in a portion of the film called Loss, and features The Weeknd. 6 Inch is a bop. Bey told me to stack my money everywhere I go and that’s definitely what I’m about to do, that is all I can say.

Daddy Lessons

“Daddy Lessons” is about accountability according to Bey. This song is going to literally win this woman a Country Music Award. The blues and country vibes are deeply rooted in this song where she is basically telling us that Matthew told Bey to leave this man alone and she didn’t listen and that old Matt told her to “shoot.” I love this song, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert should honestly be shook.

Side note: the video footage of little Bey and Blue Ivy with Matthew gave me the feels. I’m a sap.

Love Drought

“Love Drought” is a song about reformation according to the Queen Bey. Honestly “Love Drought” is a beautiful song, it truly is , but I have been distracted by the other ones and do not have much to say. I still say there’s no filler tracks on this album, I have just already developed favorites.


This portion of the night made me tear up. The images are simple, Beyoncé sitting at a keyboard crying about how heartbroken but that she wants to stay in the relationship. The song is vulnerable, you can hear Bey’s voice breaking as she sings however that wasn’t the part that gave me the most feels, it was the keyboard. Why you might ask? Thursday we lost Prince and Prince is the man who told Bey to learn to play piano in the first place, telling her that once she acquired the skill the sky would be the limit for her and her art. All I can imagine is a proud Prince up in heaven, silly I know but the track is yet another favorite of mine.


To me “Forward” does not fall in line with the rest of the story line but it was a needed image. The segment features images of the mothers of fallen Black men such as Mike Brown. The images are the most powerful part of the song. “Forward” is not one of my favorites, maybe because it flows so easily from the previous track but I like it, I don’t dislike a single song on this album truthfully.


Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom. This track is GOLD. Bey is looking for “Freedom” and reminding me to never give up on myself because I’m a winner. The track features Kendrick Lamar, and will probably kill me if she performs it on May 5th when I go to her concert. “Freedom” is amazing, I needed “Freedom” in my life. Thanks Bey.

All Night

We “conclude” (kinda) with “All Night”. “All Night” is a love song, but it feels more mature than a simple I love you, this song is a “we’ve gone through it and grown from it and we’re stronger because of it” I love you and it’s beautiful.


If you know me, I am a stan for this song. I think the song and the images accompanying it are perfect and wonderful and everything I have ever wanted. This song, in my opinion is a celebration of Bey’s growth. She’s gone from dealing with insecurity and the pain of heartbreak to saying. I love myself, I love my family, I slay, and ya’ll better get in line or get left behind.


In conclusion, this album is going down as one a personal favorite, I want this movie forever, Beyoncé will go down in history with the greats as she deserves and if you didn’t know this album should have solidified it for you. The songs are beautiful, the images are artistic, this is what the artistry of music is about in my opinion taking risks and telling your story. Not to mention we got to see the beautiful images of young Black girls like Yara Shahidi, Zendaya, Amandla Sternberg, Kayla Pittman (yes Southern Dolls Kayla Pittman), and Quvenzhané Wallis. So open those wallets and join the winning team and gets that Tidal don’t be the only person that doesn’t have the lyrics by heart come Monday morning.

Disclaimer: I think Beyoncé  the best thing since sliced bread.



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