Syd’s First Snow

I go to school in Washington DC. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. The biggest thing so far this semester is snow. The fluffy stuff was super fun and pretty till I had to walk through it. Snow brings ice, ice brings slipping, I am clumsy, I fell. So here I am sitting on a sidewalk trying to get up wrist aching on a chunk of black ice. Fun right? I don’t get how the northerners live this way. But honestly the snow isn’t the worst part, snobby northerners are. You know the ones the “it’s not that cold but I’m gonna ignore that this is the total opposite of your environment haha too bad” northerns. The kind of northerners who wear just a long sleeved shirt and some boots and swear on everything that they feel fine but they’re genuinely scared they’ll freeze to death right then and there. I get it we’re hilarious. Some of us have never seen snow and we’re slipping and sliding like it’s a water slide on the sidewalk but please please please contain your laughter.
Disclaimer: this isn’t serious. Just being extra because I’m inside my dorm in a snow storm.

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